Toll Free: (866) 239-2485
Local: (970) 466-2210


We currently have breeding stock of all ages. Whether you want to start your herd or just add to it, we can help. We do keep a few selected boars onsite to purchase.

We farrow year around, so we typically have what you would like.

Current Bloodlines:

  • Masterboy
  • Hulk
  • Namatjira – Original English Genetics
  • Consistent Stallion


  • Weaners (6-12 week old piglets whether gilt, boar or barrow) $250
  • Gilts (4+ months, after they hit 10 months we typically breed them and keep them) $400
  • Boars (4-6 months) $500
  • Boars (7-12 months) $750
  • Bred Gilt $700
  • Bred Sow (typically on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th parity) $1000

We can also supply you meat if that is all you would like. (Currently, we only supply in Colorado)


  • Whole or Half - $3.95/lb. hanging wt.
    (That includes Basic Processing, and you would pick up order at processor. If you would like bacon, sausage, cured hams, etc. that would be a value added charge you would be responsible for.)